A common sense, down to earth and practical approach to dealing with everyday business problems and situations – that’s what we provide.


Get advice on the best way to get to where you want to be


Iron out all those little problems that are on your mind


Talk through issues with someone whose been there and done it


Whether the point in issue relates to business growth, succession planning, exit strategy, shrinking profit margins, best ways of business promotion, website or not…..the list could be endless!!


Look at us as a “sounding board” for business problems – to talk things through – someone to bounce ideas off of – it’s often easier to speak about things rather than put them down on paper or email.


Our philosophy is simple and straight forward:


A = Analyse the problem

B = Bring it out in the open

C = Consider all the options

D = Deliver the solution


………..we go the extra step.


We realise that you are likely to be busy during the working day, when most consultants make themselves available. We can arrange to speak to you, on Skype, at your home, in the evening, or, if you prefer, during the day, when it is much more convenient for you and also means that you will not miss any income earning time during the day.


By making use of the renowned Skype platform we are able to provide another avenue of availability to suit your busy working schedule.


We offer a FREE 15 minute initial introductory business consultation phone call, at our expense, on any area or topic you wish to discuss. The initial meeting is free of charge so that you can see what we can offer and how it will help your business before any commitment is made.


To book your FREE initial consultation simply visit the Book Appointment section.


We are more than happy to arrange an appointment at a time that suits you, even if it’s not on the normal appointment schedule.


We offer a down to earth, basic business consultancy aimed 100% at small and growing businesses in the UK.


So if you have an idea you want to talk about, a problem you want to resolve or just want help making a decision, arrange your FREE initial consultation now.


We promise complete confidentiality


We’re usually available at really short notice – making ourselves available to suit you is what we are all about

Our expertise and experience will help to find you the answers that you are looking for


We CAN Help You Get To Where You Want To Be